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Why MedPro?

The variety of calls fire departments respond to creates the need for specialized personal protective garments. While fire departments are responding to more calls year over year, only 4% of the calls are fire related*.  A key finding in the NFPA study about Fire Loss in the United States During 2015 identifies that medical aid (ambulance, EMS, rescue) represents 64% of fire department responses. To support these calls, there are over 826,000 EMS professionals that annually transport an estimated 28 million people based upon 2011 data.

Many departments are considering application-specific protective ensembles and that includes emergency medical personnel. LION developed the MedPro, certified under NFPA 1999, to meet the demanding needs of today’s EMS professionals. LION’s MedPro EMS coat and pant combination features advanced construction and optional enhancements that ensure on-the-job comfort, safety and mobility. MedPro rescue wear provides protection against flash fires with its Westex® DH fire-resistant, breathable outer shell with a HydroPel Premier finish, as well as against blood, bodily fluids, and water with its CROSSTECH® EMS moisture barrier.

For more information on LION MedPro, click here.

*NFPA Fire Department Profile, 2015

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FDIC 2017: Highlights from the show

LION Booth: 2017 is the first year that LION and BullEx integrated their booths together under the theme of ‘Ultimate Safety’

NEW Helmet

  • NEW American Legend and American Legend X Helmet. A light-weight. low-profile SMC helmet shell with powder coat impact-resistant finish. This traditional style was designed with head room to spare.
  • LION American Legend X features ratcheting headband that adjusts from head sizes 5.5 to 9.5 for extra temple width to comfortably fit an array of head sizes. Ordering information will be sent later this month with product availability in early June.
  • LION American Legend features integrated, NFPA compliant, retractable eye guard with snap in and out assembly. This helmet will be available in the fall.
  • For more information, contact your LION sales representative.

Not in Our House

  • Launch of the cancer awareness campaign, Not in Our House. Focused on awareness, and signing a pledge of safety, the campaign was launched at FDIC within the LION booth. More information can be found online at
  • Actors Eamonn Walker (Battalion Chief Wallace Boden), and Dave Eigenberg (Christopher Herrmann) from the “Chicago Fire”  television show were in the LION booth Friday, April 28 from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. for a photo opportunity to raise awareness for the Not in Our House campaign, and to raise money for the non-profit Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN).
  • Show attendees could enter a raffle for the opportunity either win a trip to the set of “Chicago Fire” during an actual film set shooting, or win a leather helmet signed by the cast of “Chicago Fire”. All money raised with the raffle as well as a Fill The Boot collection will be donated to FCSN to support firefighters and their families suffering from cancer.

Demo Presentations

LION added a Demo presentation area, where we showcased new and updated products by LION and BullEx. The Demo area allowed us to give hands on training to the show attendees.


  • LION and BullEx provided show attendees the opportunity to gain hainds-on training with lead instructors from the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) during the HEAT.
  • Participants experienced LION turnouts, helmets, gloves and boots, while learning about modern fire behavior using BullEx’s Digital Fire Training Container.

Mark your calendars for next year!

April 23-28, 2018

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Not in Our House

Not in Our House, cancer awareness campaign, was launched within LION’s booth at the Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC).

Since 2002, more than 60% of career firefighters added to the IAFF memorial of LODD’s have died from cancer. Scientist equate the rise of cancer related deaths with firefighters to the synthetic materials now used in homes. These materials burn quicker, and release more cancer-causing carcinogens into the air.

Not in Our House asks firefighters to sign an online pledge of safety on the website,, and provides downloadable resources, awareness statistics, and an outlet to share personal firefighter cancer stories.

LION, in partnership with industry organizations such as the: NFFF First Responders Center for Excellence, Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN), and the National Volunteer Fire Council, are promoting Not in Our House to challenge industry ideals that lead to higher risks of cancer in firefighters, and make a lasting effect on the fire service.

To help launch the campaign, “Chicago Fire” television actors, Eamonn Walker (Battalion Chief Wallace Boden), and Dave Eigenberg (Christopher Herrmann), were present in the LION booth on Friday, April 28 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. The actors provided a photo and signing opportunity for show attendees to support the Not in Our House Campaign, and raise money for the non-profit, Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN). Show attendees also had the opportunity to win a trip to the set of “Chicago Fire” during an actual film set shooting, and to win a leather helmet signed by the cast of “Chicago Fire,” as well as an opportunity to participate in a ‘Fill the Boot’ donation.

Thanks to the generosity  of the show attendees in raising money to support  non-profit FCSN, who works to help firefighters, and their families suffering from cancer.

The campaign will continue to grow and change with the needs of the fire service, but more information can be found online at the Not in Our House website,

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Often, there is confusion or misunderstanding regarding the different attributes and performance of PBI vs PBO products.  The following, as well as the attached PDF, is a brief  comparison of the two products.

-Courtesy of PBI Products
PBI and PBO are acronyms for the fiber chemistry each represents. PBI is the trade name for polybenzimidazole, a fiber made by PBI Performance Products, Inc. in Charlotte, NC. PBO, with the trade name of Zylon®, is a Polybenzobisoxazole fiber made by Toyobo in Osaka, Japan. PBI and PBO are used in some of the same applications due to their ability to resist degradation from high heat and flame. One such application is the outer shell fabric of firefighter turnout gear. Listed below are the most common outer shell performance characteristics and how PBI and PBO perform.

Flame and thermal protection are the blocks from which any outer shell is built. An important factor in the ability of a fiber to protect against high heat and flame is its stability when subjected to these exposures.

Thermal Protection – Fibers that are highly conductive will increase the rate at which heat is transferred into the composite and through to the wearer. The chart on the right illustrates the thermal conductivity values for various fibers, including stainless steel as a point of reference. Note that Zylon® transfers heat through the fiber more rapidly than stainless steel – a problem firefighters feel while fighting a fire versus engaging in non-firefighting activities.

Flame Protection – The ability of a fiber to protect against flame impingement is its resistance to melting, shrinking, and charring. The decomposition temperature is the temperature at which the fiber begins to break down. Fibers with higher decomposition temperatures create fabrics with better break open resistance to heat and flame. These higher decomposition temperatures help PBI and Zylon® provide superior break-open protection.

To view the entire sheet, CLICK HERE.

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On May 4th and 5th, 2016, The Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) hosted the 28th annual National Fire and Emergency Services Symposium and Dinner in Washington D.C. Approximately 1500 leading fire service members and chiefs from across the US attended the symposium to meet with congressional leaders to address key issues in the fire service, including funding, occupational health and safety, and legislative issues. Members of FEMSA and FEMA were also on hand for the discussion.

Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vasick was the keynote speaker for the symposium. Vasick was presented with a custom, white American Heritage™ leather fire helmet courtesy of LION and Paul Conway Shields. Thanks to the LION Helmet Manufacturing Facility for providing the helmet and shield on a quick turnaround for the presentation.

LION’s John Granby, Mark Smith, Dennis Magill, Wayne Dora and Gary Garner were on hand with former Philadelphia Fire Chief, Henry Costo Wednesday night as LION, along with DuPont and Arson Investigators, hosted a fire service barbecue with over 250 attendees.

Additionally, on Thursday, Smith and Costo met with Ohio legislators and Granby met with Senior Appropriators and staff members for the House Committee for Domestic preparedness, and closed the events Friday by attending the Steering Committee Meeting.

For more information about CFSI, visit their website,

For more information about LION’s role in these event’s contact John Granby at

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2016 FDIC Highlights

We are very pleased with the success of LION’s 2016 FDIC show.  Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the highlights!

LION Booth

FDIC 2016 saw several new facets to the LION booth!  We had a new booth location, new products and a new way to present them.  The booth traffic was nonstop, and we were excited to have the opportunity to present our new product launches.  We were also thrilled to be adjacent to our partner, BullEx.  Thanks to all who attended.  Here’s a brief recap of what LION displayed in our booth.

  • MedPro™ EMS Garment - We previewed our new high-performance EMS garment in the booth.  MedPro is NFPA 1999 certified and available in navy or High-Vis yellow (yellow certified to meet ANSI 107 requirements).
  • LION Primus™ Structural Fire Glove – The preview of LION’s NEW 3D glove was met with an outstanding response.  This glove glove will be available in the Summer and our customers and dealers seemed very excited about it.
  • V-Force® Ultra Low-Rise Pant – LION’s feature turnout offering will now have an additional pant option.  The Ultra-low-rise pant will be yet another innovation from LION focused on customer comfort and mobility, and with such positive feedback from booth visitors at FDIC, we expect to commercialize these pants by mid-summer, pending certification..
  • 6oz PBI Max – This lighter weight version of the best outer shell fabric in the industry features the signature filament twill technology for a lightweight and flexible feel combined with exceptional strength and durability.
  • Augmented Reality – Innovation is not only limited to the development of LION products, but how we present them to the public.  We were excited to present our products with this emerging technology.
  • VersaPro™ - LION’s innovative utility garment available in two styles was on display.  VersaPro has had a successful launch in the PPE marketplace and we are confident that FDIC 2016 helped carry that momentum forward.
  • LION TotalCare® - Cancer in the fire service continues to be a critical topic of concern and LION’s TotalCare team was on hand to tell our customers why cleaner gear is safer gear.
  • LION Helmets -Customers were able to see firsthand the newest upgrades to LION’s helmet line, and even had a chance to enter to win a LION American Heritage leather helmet.
  • LION Footwear -The complete line of LION footwear was on display, allowing customers a glimpse at the key comfort and durability features.
  • LION CBRN -We were proud to showcase our multiple offerings of Chem-Bio garments including the ERS and MT94
  • LION StationWear™-Department identity is paramount.  And LION’s StationWear display showed our commitment to providing excellent uniform solutions to our customers.

Thanks to all who visited the LION booth!

the HEAT

Another successful year of the HEAT proved once again that the best way toshowcase V-Force with IsoDri is to put someone in V-Force with IsoDri. A format change didn’t slow the action, as groups of ten experienced firsthand the latest container props from BullEx. Occasional rain could not put a damper on the HEAT as participants blazed through the training course in head-to-toe LION PPE offerings.

A big thank you goes out to all the participants and spectators, and partners, particularly Majestic Fire Apparel for donating hoods for the participants to wear during their runs.

Thanks to all booth visitors, participants, and volunteers this year.  We look forward to seeing you again at FDIC in 2017!

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LION Supports 25th Annual Seattle Stair Climb

Each year participants from all over the world participate in the Firefighter Stair Climb to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year more than 1900 firefighters climbed the 1356 steps of the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle in full NFPA 1971 certified PPE, including SCBA. Some fearless individuals race for time, while others are on a mission to simply complete the 69 flight, 788 foot ascension to the observation deck that overlooks the city.  This year’s top
time was Ten Minutes and 50 Seconds.

LION is a proud sponsor of the stair climb, and this year, in addition to donating to the cause, our own Will Antunes participated as a gear inspector, charged with ensuring participants’ PPE was approved for the event. Thanks to Will for playing this role on behalf of LION, and congratulations and thanks to all the participants and donors!

For more on this exciting event, please visit their website HERE​ and check out a local news team’s take HERE​.

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Caring for Your Moisture Barrier with Help from Manufacturer Warranties

by Bob Towe, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Since the adoption of NFPA 1851, Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, fire departments across the country have begun to incorporate the necessary cleaning and inspection of turnout gear into their standard operating procedures. This requires cleaning and inspection for each of the three components of your turnout gear — the outer shell, moisture barrier, and thermal liner. As a firefighter, you can clean and visually inspect the outer shell and thermal liner after each call. Specially trained professionals also perform advanced cleaning and inspection of these components at specified times during the gear’s life cycle.

Moisture barriers are unique in that they are sandwiched between the outer shell and thermal liner, and therefore, can only be inspected by detaching the liner system from the outer shell. In addition to the type of damage that affects the outer shell and thermal liner (e.g., rips, cuts, abrasion, and chemical exposure), the continuous weight/pressure from tools stored in pockets or the placement of SCBA frame can also compromise the moisture barrier. Therefore, all cleaning, inspection, and repairs to the moisture barrier must be done by specially trained personnel or verified independent service providers (ISP’s). Cleaning should be conducted at least on an annual basis, and the first advanced inspection should be performed no more than three years after the date of manufacture.

Moisture barrier manufacturers have provided various product warranties in an effort to support fire departments as they began to comply with NFPA 1851. As a result of its products’ exceptional field performance, W. L. Gore & Associates recently expanded its warranty program covering its line of moisture barriers and liner systems. These new warranties provide coverage for seven years for CROSSTECH® 3-layer moisture barrier, five years for CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier and GORE® PARALLON® liner system’s body-side layer, and four years for GORE® RT7100 moisture barrier. Not only does this new warranty program apply to new purchases, but it is retroactive for existing moisture barriers in the market from their original date of manufacture. Visit to learn more.

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Why Fires Today Give First Responders Less Time

-Courtesy NBC

Ask any firefighter, and they will tell you that house fires today and house fires 30 years ago are a completely different animal.  Newer, synthetic furniture fabrics and building materials, coupled with changes in modern construction techniques change not only the time it takes for a fire to grow, but also the intensity of the fire.  This has caused changes in the tactics with which firefighters battle a blaze.  It also means that depending on response time, a fire in a modern home may be at a much different point in its life cycle when they arrive, as opposed to older construction.  Flashovers occur approximately five times sooner than they used to.

Recently, NBC News featured a report on The Today Show which explains in greater detail what has changed in the past 30 years, and also provides an up-close look at how quickly today’s fires can go from containable to uncontrollable.

View the full story here.

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NVFC Launches Volunteer Recruitment Portal for Fire Departments to Combat Declining Volunteerism

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has launched the department portal component of its new Make Me a Firefighter volunteer recruitment campaign. Departments can now sign up at to join the campaign and showcase their volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer firefighters make up 69 percent of the nation’s fire service, yet the number of volunteers has declined by about 12 percent since 1984. At the same time, call volume has nearly tripled. In addition, the average age of the volunteer fire service is increasing as departments are finding it difficult to reach millennials – those within the 18-34 age range.

To help departments counter these trends and increase the number of volunteers, the NVFC was awarded a SAFER grant from FEMA to conduct a nationwide recruitment campaign. The first component of the Make Me a Firefighter campaign consists of a department portal where volunteer and combination fire departments can register for the campaign and post their volunteer opportunities. Starting August 1, the NVFC will launch a public web site allowing potential volunteers to search for opportunities and connect with their local department. Department resources including customizable recruitment materials, training, and tools to help department reach target audiences will also be available this summer.

Learn more about the Make Me a Firefighter campaign and the department portal by watching this video, and share it with others facing recruitment challenges:

Register with the recruitment campaign and post your opportunities now at