2010 INTERSCHUTZ trade fair

INTERSCHUTZ 2010, the world’s leading trade fair for rescue, fire prevention, disaster relief, safety and security, will be held from June 7-12 at the Leipzig Exhibition Center in Leipzig, Germany. Exhibitors and innovations from all over the world make INTERSCHUTZ so special. More than 1,000 exhibitors displaying the latest technologies, trends and services  expect to attract of over 100,000 visitors involved in the rescue and civil security services. INTERSCHUTZ will continue to center the exhibition around rescue and fire prevention. From simple tools to complex medical equipment and modern information technology, emergency services personnel will demonstrate how the latest products and services are used in the field.

INTERSCHUTZ offers a a host of forums, workshops, special events and live demonstrations on the open-air site. Check out their official website for detailed information about the show and events surrounding it.

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