4 key points to making it on the SWAT team

Sgt. Glenn French of PoliceOne.com offers some advice on how to best make new SWAT candidates more appealing. The four components he discusses are:

Training: Attend as much training as your department will allow. Focus on tactics and firearms training. Get involved with as much training as possible, especially those things which require an officer to acquire instructor certification such as defensive tactics, firearms, and close quarter battle tactics.

Teamwork: SWAT commanders will not take officers who have been unable to work in a team environment. Helping out other officers and taking constructive criticism while working in uniform are good ways to help your chances of making SWAT.

Physical Conditioning: Most SWAT teams have a physical fitness test during the selection process. The tests may include running, pushups, sit-ups, or obstacle courses. Staying in top physical shape is beneficial for your uniformed duties and a great way to prepare yourself for the selection process.

Motivation: Police work has its trials and tribulations and staying positive 24/7 is a healthy thing to do. More importantly it’s the SWAT officers whose resilience gives them a positive attitude toward the job (and life) during stressful times get to become SWAT.

You can read the article in full on PoliceOne.com.