Why Fires Today Give First Responders Less Time

-Courtesy NBC

Ask any firefighter, and they will tell you that house fires today and house fires 30 years ago are a completely different animal.  Newer, synthetic furniture fabrics and building materials, coupled with changes in modern construction techniques change not only the time it takes for a fire to grow, but also the intensity of the fire.  This has caused changes in the tactics with which firefighters battle a blaze.  It also means that depending on response time, a fire in a modern home may be at a much different point in its life cycle when they arrive, as opposed to older construction.  Flashovers occur approximately five times sooner than they used to.

Recently, NBC News featured a report on The Today Show which explains in greater detail what has changed in the past 30 years, and also provides an up-close look at how quickly today’s fires can go from containable to uncontrollable.

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