A look into the future: what’s next for first responder gear?

Everyone has thought at one time or another “what will the future will be like?” How will it impact your job? What influence will it have on the PPE you wear?

Some may foresee every department wearing turnout gear with built-in CBRN protection. Others want GPS devices incorporated into their gear or uniform. Then there are smart fabrics, or electronic wearables. They have the potential to bring revolutionary impacts not only to the fire and EMS industry, but to the entire world. Will they be able to keep you cool and dry, as well as free from blood-borne pathogens, allergy, and odors and at the same time monitor your blood count, heart rate and oxygen levels?

It’s your turn now. What do you predict first responder gear will be like in the future? Join the conversation. Share your comments with your colleagues below.