A positive attitude on the job can lead to greater satisfaction

Lt. Dan Marcou on PoliceOne.com

Most officers start their career as idealistic young rookies ready to catch bad guys and rescue damsels in distress. Inevitably, they’ll meet a cynical, time-scarred veteran who will tell them to “Slow down… you know you can’t make a difference.” He may even add an observation like, “A career in law enforcement is like putting your hand in a bucket of water and pulling it out. When you retire no one will even notice you were here.” This will be the rookie’s first (among countless) invitations to venture down the path of cynicism and negativity.

The negative path is available to all who enter this career. It seems that almost everyone you meet is a substance abuser, a social degenerate, or a criminal. The path of negativity and cynicism often seems the natural, well-traveled, and true course.

Those who take this easy path toward relentless negativity and cynicism will discover it will not only impact on the career, but it also will impact their family with unpleasant consequences. It is possible to understand the natural pull down this path and still choose a different course by staying positive — trying to make a difference on every call, contact, or assignment you receive.

Officers can choose to develop the discipline to “stay positive,” and even convince themselves: “I love this career! It’s important and I can make a difference.”

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