About LION

LION® keeps first responders all over the world ready for action. We supply fire departments large and small with custom head-to-toe personal protective equipment (PPE) and world-class PPE care and maintenance programs, through LION TotalCare®. From product development to manufacturing and from cleaning to repairs, LION is focused on providing first responders ultimate safety.

For almost 120 years, LION continues to be a family owned business. With stable family ownership, LION takes the long-term approach to investing in the best people, new technology, and advanced systems to fulfill the personal readiness and identity needs of our customers worldwide.

We don’t just sell gear, we partner with firefighters, medical emergency responders, law enforcement and military personnel around the world to ensure they have PPE that gets them home safe. We work with these partners to understand their needs, test product innovations, and ensure customer satisfaction – all of which we use as inspiration for research, innovation and continuous improvement.

We’re here to make sure you’re ready for what’s next.

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  1. Dear Lion,

    It is a long-held belief in the fire service that we should avoid working in wet turnouts to prevent steam burns. With our increased focus on cancer in the fire service, we are recommending decontaminating ourselves after exiting the fire and one of our choices is wet decontamination. Do today’s wet turnouts actually increase the potential for steam burns?

    Best Regards,

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