Be the best firefighter candidate you can be offers a nice selection of articles about the “how tos” of becoming a firefighter. One of the most recent article offers advice to would-be firefighters. It’s an interesting piece, worth sharing with friends and family looking to join our ranks.

According to the article, here are 10 things firefighter candidates should do to make themselves a marketable, prepared candidate.

  1. Become an EMT — the majority of firehouse calls are related to emergency medical assistance.
  2. Spend time doing community service — show your dedication to the community.
  3. Take fire technology classes at a local community college — be prepared in advance.
  4. Live a clean life that will make a positive impression.
  5. Become familiar with all stages of the firefighter hiring process.
  6. Take firefighter tests — practice makes perfect.
  7. Stop by fire stations and learn more about the lifestyle and professional responsibilities.
  8. Shore up your life experience — cooking, cleaning, general maintenance — so you’re an asset around the firehouse.
  9. Start preparing the documents you’ll need for your background check — gather what you need from employers, family and friends, as well as licenses, training documents, credit reports.

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