Congratulations to the LION’s Den Class of 2011

The LION’s Den induction ceremony was held on Thursday, November 17 in Myrtle Beach and hosted over 500 guests and former competitors of the Firefighter Combat Challenge World’s Competition. LION is the last of the original sponsors actively participating in all World’s competitions. LION has been active in the U.S. FFCC network since its inception 20 years ago. For the 20th anniversary, LION created a commemorative challenge coin for all previous and this year’s 25 LION’s Den inductees.

At the 20th Anniversary Celebration, a special presentation was made to Combat Challenge founder Dr. Scott Davis, who was given a bronze statue on behalf of event sponsors Scott, LION , the staff and competitors.

The Combat Challenge elimination and seeding events themselves were held Monday through Thursday. Friday featured individual and team finals competitions and Saturday saw the tandem and team competitions.

LION helped to sponsor the first-ever live stream broadcast of each and every event during the week. The streaming footage was even mentioned in an MSNBC broadcast, and can be viewed in its entirety here.

“We had numerous calls from all over the country thanking LION for being able to see their loved ones race,” said LION’s Government Relations VP and longtime Challenge supporter John Granby. “One gentleman from Altus, Oklahoma has been racing for 15 years and much of his family had never seen him race before. They were really appreciative of this year’s live stream.”

The streamed broadcasts proved to be very popular with over 700,00 viewer minutes logged and 12,000 unique visitors.

At the LION’s Den, it was also announced the intent to bring the Official Firefighter Combat Challenge back to Canada in the form of a Canadian National Championship. In the following years, they’ll expand the footprint to hit the major markets in the East and West.

Congratulations to John Granby, the other sponsors and to the contestants for a successful 20th anniversary. We look forward to the many exciting Challenges ahead.

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  1. I will also to say thank for live stream !!! This allowed our families and friends in Germany be there … OK but almost. 😉 Thank you !!!! Joerg Lions Den member 2011 und certainly one of the proudest

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