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  1. Hello Lion

    My Name is Oliver Mayo. I am a member of the GB firefighter combat challenge team.

    We currently are looking for a supplier of firefighter clothing especially for the combat Challenge races.

    Two of our members have already made it into your Lions squad and received their amazing bomber jackets and certificates. We are a new team a team of highly skilled individuals

    But we have already started to show signs of success in competitions. We now have a version of the combat challenge taking place in the UK under the name of British firefighter challenge. We would love to have the best in the business alongside us.

    Our Facebook page alone already has around 2000 people registered and counting.

    If you would like to work together that would be great .

    I know people are always on the lookout for handouts. And with a company like yours you hardly need to give those out. But as we are new team and we are striving for Success we obviously would like to give ourselves the best chance possible by using your protective race kit.

    Thank you very much for your time hopefully you can help us in some way. And we can help you with any advertising or anything but you may need.

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