Do you care enough to wear pink?

Guardians of the Ribbon will kick off their Pink Heals Tour 2010 tour on August 17 in Broomfield/Aurora, Colorado. The Guardians dress in pink fire suits and helmets and drive across the country every  year in pink trucks to raise money and awareness for the non-profit entities that help women throughout the United States. The group’s goal is to provide a national movement for the support of women across the country by wearing the color pink. They support all types of cancer relief efforts and focus on women as a whole in whatever type of cancer they battle.

In a recent newsletter, Dave Graybill, founder of the Pink Heals Tour, said, “This movement, ‘Cares Enough to Wear Pink,’ I believe, is the fastest growing support effort for women in the country. This only works if we keep our mission simple, it’s to wear her color to let her know we care and then when money is raised keep it in your local community. This will help all organizations that help us, with our fight against cancer. It is very important that when you start this program in your local community that you do not align it with a specific awareness ribbon. We are not wearing the color pink because she has breast cancer, we are wearing her color to let her know that we stand by her side against all cancer. The Pink Maltese and the Guardian Logo will be the new symbols of love and hope, we give this art for free to departments and communities to celebrate their women and then raise money to help ALL women and their families battling cancer. This will get the support from our Politicians and community leaders and also from people that have not been touched by cancer. All of us know that our women are the most important people in our lives.”

For more information, visit and check out the new Pink Heals Tour 2010 video below.