Fire safety for college students

For teenagers and their families, fire safety can often take a back seat

According to a recent article in FireRescue1, fire safety can often take a back seat for college students and their families. It is up to us to give them the information they need to keep safety at their forefront of their minds.

Some of the major components of a college fire safety program are listed below. You must decide if you plan on tackling each issue separately or whether to give all the information out at once.

You must also determine the way in which you will get the information out to make sure your efforts reach the maximum number of citizens. The components can be divided into the following:

  • Planning the fire escape
  • Knowledge of fire alarms and extinguishers
  • Maintenance of fire protection systems
  • Fire and burn prevention

Planning the fire escape includes the procedures that should be taken during a fire alarm and/or fire emergency. It is important you stress that students should take all fire alarms seriously — no matter how many false alarms they have witnessed. They also need to know all the ways out of their building, not counting the elevators.

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  1. Terrorist, work-place shootings, medical emergencies, etc could all utilize the helipad to extract people/wounded or insert rescue crews or police/swat in case of an incident in a high rise.

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