Firefighter develops award winning mobile app

By Chris Arnold

NBC News

Firefighters across the country deal with the daily struggle of responding to the scene of a fire. For smaller or volunteer departments, that challenge is amplified. However, a fire captain in Hesston has found a way around this obstacle.

Captain Stephen Owens and his partner, Carlos Fernandez Jr. developed a mobile app called Page-Out.

The app took about a year and a half to develop and was launched in September.

Owens says the app serves a practical purpose.

“You can now know in a moments notice exactly who is available and who is not available,” said Owens.

This allows for response times to be almost cut in half. The average response time for a volunteer fire department is between 6 to 12 minutes. Owens says the use of Page-Out would cut response times by the same amount of time for any additional resource dispatched to a fire scene.

“Without Page-Out, you just had to go through the process, you had to go to the scene, you had to assess your needs and whether you needed other resources,” said Owens.

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