Fitness: Making the most of the time you have

By Michael Krueger, FireLife

A study was recently released that indicated many centenarians have lived a long life filed with incredibly bad health habits including lack of exercise, smoking tobacco, and eating habits that would make a frat boy gag. Unfortunately, some people take those results and conclude that this proves that it doesn’t matter how they behave with regard to their health and fitness. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Quality of Life vs. Quantity of Life

No one knows how long they are going to live. A truck running a stoplight can put an end to a promising life in a microsecond. The quality of your time, though, is greatly within your control. I can’t tell you the number of times someone has observed my eating and exercise habits and has commented, “What, you think you’re going to live forever?” I’m in this life for quality since I don’t know what my quantity is going to be. I want to feel healthy and strong every minute of every day, no matter how many minutes that turns out to be.

I have heard people say that they believe their heart will only beat so many times and they aren’t going to waste any of them exercising. This is one of my favorite health myths to debunk. The following shows how that just isn’t so.

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