Foot patrol: less hassle, more solution

“Foot patrol can be a new opportunity for you to be proactive. When you get out of your cruiser, you can see, hear and smell things that you wouldn’t otherwise detect.”

While every jurisdiction is unique, consisting of areas or times that may potentially be hazardous for officers on foot, foot patrols can be conducted practically anywhere. As an officer, you know your city, along with when and where it would be safe to patrol on foot. The following is a list of areas that have garnered successful foot patrols (when conditions are safe):

  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotel/motels
  • Liquor establishments
  • Trailer courts
  • Downtown business districts
  • Pawn shops
  • Residential areas (in some cases)
  • City parks
  • Public beaches

Lt. Chris Cole is a 16-year veteran of the Storm Lake (Iowa) Police Department. Sharing his own first hand experiences, check out his article – Foot Patrol: Don’t think of it as a hassle; it can be part of the solution – for a fascinating and informative look at officers patrolling on foot.

“I learned that through foot patrols we could build relationships with citizens and find solutions to problems through collaboration and teamwork.”