Customizing your tactical handgun platform to meet your needs


Just a couple weeks ago I was teaching a handgun course and there came a point on the range where I realized, looking down the line of students, that every one of them was wearing / carrying their handgun differently. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the follow on was me examining each platform trying to ascertain what specific purpose it had been built for. Obviously it had to carry the handgun securely but one guy had two magazine pouches also mounted; another had a flashlight and a knife; another yet had a grenade pouch on his… things that make you go “hmmm…” So, with those thoughts in mind, I felt it would be good to discuss a few options and offer up a few suggestions for what they’re worth.

Understand up front that I’m only talking about “tactical” platforms. Of course, they were deemed “tactical” because, back in the day, they were most often used by SWAT folks. Since then we’ve (shooters) come to realize that all of the characteristics that make them great for use by SWAT guys and soldiers also makes them great for use by we “commoners”. (I’m not a SWAT guy anymore) What makes them so great?

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