How lubricious is your face cloth?

Face cloth….what layer is that? It’s the part of your turnout liner that is next to your body. Some face cloths have the advantage of being slippery or having high lubricity. So what is lubricity? The definition of lubricity is having a slippery or smooth quality. How lubricious something is may be measured by its ability to reduce friction. The less effort it takes to slide across a surface, the higher the lubricity.

In your turnouts, liner systems using high-lubricity face cloths can reduce the strain of moving around (by reducing binding and bunching in the turnout gear) and have been proven to be effective in reducing stress. Donning and doffing is also made easier since the high lubricity filament yarns slide across the skin with less effort. Not all shiny liners have high lubricity though, so be sure to look for liners using a face cloth with a low coefficient of friction (high lubricity) not just merely a shiny surface!