LION Supports 25th Annual Seattle Stair Climb

Each year participants from all over the world participate in the Firefighter Stair Climb to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year more than 1900 firefighters climbed the 1356 steps of the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle in full NFPA 1971 certified PPE, including SCBA. Some fearless individuals race for time, while others are on a mission to simply complete the 69 flight, 788 foot ascension to the observation deck that overlooks the city.  This year’s top
time was Ten Minutes and 50 Seconds.

LION is a proud sponsor of the stair climb, and this year, in addition to donating to the cause, our own Will Antunes participated as a gear inspector, charged with ensuring participants’ PPE was approved for the event. Thanks to Will for playing this role on behalf of LION, and congratulations and thanks to all the participants and donors!

For more on this exciting event, please visit their website HERE​ and check out a local news team’s take HERE​.