Mid career and the myth of the aging metabolism

By Michael Krueger, Fire Life

One word comes to mind whenever I think about people in the middle years of their careers and that word is “complacent.” In most professions, complacency simply gets you downsized; in firefighting it gets you dead.

The Trouble with Age

You’ve worked your tail off for quite a few years, you’ve paid your dues and now you are a veteran. You feel that you’ve earned some respect and some perks as well. Longevity means something so long as you accomplished something during those years, simply getting by and putting in your time isn’t supposed to be what it is all about. You are here to grow, learn, mentor and thrive not just make it through to retirement.

Too often the “old timers” forget that fires don’t care how long you’ve been a firefighter. Heart attacks and injuries don’t take into consideration that you only have 4 or 5 years to retirement. It’s too easy to “remember when” and forget to “remember how”.

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