NFPA revisions: Let your voice be heard

By Karen Lehtonen, NFPA Technical Committee Member

Both NFPA 1971 (Standard on Structural and Proximity Protective Ensembles) and NFPA 1851 (Selection, Care and maintenance of Structural and Proximity Protective Ensembles) are under the revision process. So now is the time to make your voice heard. Each standard is in a different phase of the revision process. NFPA 1971 will be released in early 2012 and NFPA 1851 will be released in early 2013; that may seem far away but the revision process is time consuming so work on the documents begins early.

For NFPA 1971; the public proposal phase has been completed and the proposed changes to the standard will be posited on the NFPA web site (in the form of an ROP = Report on Proposals) on 12/22/2010. Once the draft containing the proposed changes is posted the public can comment on the actions taken by the technical committee until 3/04/2011. Watch for future posts summarizing major changes being recommended.

For NFPA 1851; the public proposal phase is now open. Proposals to modify the existing requirements in NFPA 1851 are being solicited (including the mandatory 10 year retirement criteria). Proposals can be submitted to NFPA until 11/23/2010.

NFPA technical committees are required to take action on all public proposals and public comments received, so make your voice heard. More information on the NFPA standards revision process, deadlines for submitting proposals or comments plus the required forms to do so can be found at: