Patrolling: 14 simple rules

PoliceOne recently posted this list of 14 simple rules for patrol. There are other forms and interpretations of these rules out there, but this list encompasses a good many points that are helpful to law enforcement officers.

    1. Wear your body armor.
    2. Maintain a good level of shooting skills and proficiency with all your weapons systems: handgun, shotgun, and patrol rifle.
    3. Purchase your own ammunition if necessary. An agency’s budget may not adequately prepare you for a shootout.
    4. Practice training unconventionally. Develop on handed support or weak-handed weapons manipulation skills, i.e. loading and malfunction drills.
    5. Be polite and be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
    6. Treat every self initiated activity or call for service as a potential ambush. This includes meal breaks.
    7. Carry and use a gun that works every time. All of your skills are in vain if your gun doesn’t work.
    8. Carry a backup. Guns are often hit and disabled, lost, or taken away.
    9. Carry spare magazines and ammunition. In a firefight it never hurts to have more. Anyone who has been in a shooting will tell you that ammunition goes fast.
    10. Be aggressive and quick.
    11. Have a plan, but be flexible for changes. Gunfights evolve rapidly.
    12. Be reloading, communicating, and gaining a tactical advantage if you are not actually shooting.
    13. Develop plans with your patrol partners, the old “what if” scenarios. Find out who carries what in their trunks.
    14. Do not give up despite the number of times you’ve been shot.

What would you add to this list? Comment with your thoughts and ideas.