Riot act: Training gear helps simulate defensive tactics

Everyone knows it’s better to “learn by doing,” and since it’s a touch oxymoronic to practice on a volunteer lone rioter, law enforcement and corrections agencies need a way to prepare their officers to respond to a situation where a crowd or inmate can become violent – for the safety of both the officer and the unruly mob.

The solution? Training in products that enable defensive tactics simulation alongside protection, so that trainees get a realistic experience without the mental barrier of fearing an injury. This specialized training gear allows agencies to adapt their budgets to focusing their officers on specific crisis situations.

By allowing an officer to test the limits of his or her strength and endurance against another – at no risk of serious injury to either the instructor or trainee – the officer can better understand his or her limitations when confronted with an actual emergency.

Does your department or agency have training gear for defensive tactics exercises?

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Check out this video featuring RedMan Training Gear.