Safety of key importance to fire departments large and small

Safety is at the top of the list of concerns for every fire department in the world – volunteer or career, small town or big city. Many departments have a dedicated safety officer.

While the role of a safety officer might vary from department to department, he or she is typically charged with ensuring the safety of all department personnel, ensuring the safety of all equipment and apparatus, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and certifications and ensuring the department is current in its response protocol, technology, etc.

As tactics change, certifications are updated and new generations of personal protective equipment are developed, safety officers must constantly educate themselves – and each other.

The Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA), which was founded in 1989, exists to support safety officers by focusing on topics key to their roles, sharing information and knowledge and providing a safety officer’s point of view to the broader fire service.

Each year, the FDSOA holds an annual conference for firefighter safety, and this year’s conference is just around the corner. Click here for details on the 2010 conference, which is being held Sept. 27 through Oct. 1 in Orlando, Florida.

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