Sharing photos and videos is easy


To share your videos with LION Connects, you must have an active YouTube account. Set up is easy. You can use your Google Account or head over to to establish a YouTube account. You can then upload videos to your own channel.

Once you’ve uploaded your video, head over to our LION Connects YouTube Group, and hit the “Submit a Video” icon. Copy and paste your URL into the window, enter a brief description, and voila (!) — you’ve shared your video with other members of your LION Connects community.


Again, you have to have an active Flickr account that can be set up using your Yahoo ID or heading over to Once you have your account, join us at our LION Connects Flickr Group.

Once you’ve joined the LION Connects community, click the “Add Something” link. Your photos will appear and you can select the images you want to share with our first responder members.

Community Rules

All submissions must meet the terms of service of either YouTube or Flickr. Submitting items that violate the terms of Flickr or YouTube may lead to your account being suspended.

LION Connects reserves the right to eliminate inappropriate, unrelated or offensive content from our photo and video sharing groups.

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