Some considerations for off-duty carry

By Kevin Davis

Carry All the Time

My eldest daughter, her husband and my lovely granddaughter live only a minute’s drive from my wife and me but when I leave my house to head over there, I carry a pistol.  My daughter asked, “Why are you carrying your gun here?”  I responded that frequently her mother wants me to go to the store or other errands and by carrying a pistol I’m ready for such sojourns.  After all, I had a pistol on my ankle when I walked her down the aisle…

By carrying all the time I don’t have to contemplate such silly thoughts as, “Should I…?” I just do.  And considering I arrested an escaped felon off-duty while still on probation, I opt to carry all the time.

Off-Duty Carry Considerations

  • Try to carry in the same place on your belt in the same general type of holster you carry on-duty.
  • Carry enough gun – “mouse guns” or small caliber pistols or revolvers are better than throwing rocks but hardly worthy of protecting yourself or your loved ones.
  • Carry in a holster – even if you carry in a pocket.  There are a vast number of quality off-duty holsters out there worthy of your consideration.  A holster better retains your handgun and positions it for instant, easier access than just dropping it in a pocket.
  • Shorter barrel revolvers or semi-auto pistols can actually be harder to carry.  The barrel of the handgun can help press the grips (the hardest part to conceal) into your body.  This is especially true of inside the belt holsters.  In addition, shorter barrels mean shorter sight radius and more difficulty in shooting accurately.

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