Supreme Court rules that fleeing police by car is a violent felony

The New York Times reported that the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that fleeing from the police in a car is a violent felony that can subject criminals to mandatory 15-year prison terms, in a 6-to-3 decision.

According to the article, the decision was the court’s fourth encounter since 2007 with a phrase in a federal law, the Armed Career Criminal Act. Under the law, convicted felons found with guns face a maximum sentence of 10 years, but those with three convictions for violent felonies are subject to a 15-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Dissenting, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote that the provision of the federal law under review (“involves conduct that presents a serious potential risk of physical injury to another”) was a hopelessly vague Congressional “drafting failure” and that “today’s tutti-frutti opinion” produces “a fourth ad hoc judgment that will sow further confusion.”

“Insanity, it has been said, is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results,” Justice Scalia wrote. “Four times is enough.”

Are you familiar with the Armed Career Criminal Act? What do you think of the ruling?