The “Ambush” Situation

For the last 15 years, Richard Fairburn, a 26-year law enforcement official, has tracked two trends in the FBI Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) annual reports: the number of officers killed each year by rifles and the number of officers killed each year in what the FBI defines as an “Ambush” situation.

The LEOKA report breaks down the ambush category into two sub-categories: an “Impromptu Ambush” or a “Deliberate Ambush.” An impromptu ambush involves a felon springing a sudden and essentially unplanned attack on an officer. A deliberate ambush generally involves one or more officers being suckered into a bogus call where felons often choose center-fire rifles to give them the advantage of distance and penetration.

Though numbers vary, ambush scenarios are the cause of 11 to 20 percent of officers killed by gunfire each year. You must stay vigilant to the possibility of an ambush and avoid them whenever possible.

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