The loss of an officer: everybody grieves

No matter the loss, there’s always going to be devastation. The short time period after, which can span months depending on the person grieving, is emotionally intense and painful. PoliceOne reminds us that it’s important to remember that the need to provide support and understanding to those affected can continue years later.

Here are some things to remember as time goes on after the loss of an officer:

There is no time frame for mourning.

Everybody is different. They grieve in different ways for different lengths of time. Let this happen. While some people think a certain amount of time should be adequate enough to “get over” a loss, life and emotions don’t work that way. To suggest that to somebody grieving can cause devastation. Be supportive and encouraging, allowing them to come to terms with it at their own pace.

Be aware of reminders.

Anniversaries can be extremely difficult for those in mourning. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary or the anniversary of the death, those days are bound to be harder to get through. “Situational” reminders are certain things, such as locations or events, which can trigger memories and emotions. The media can also play a role in reminders, as they sometimes show memorials. Avoid reminding people directly of a loss, such as calling and telling them you know how difficult it is. Instead, show your support by calling to just say hello or by visiting them.

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