The value of a well trained officer

William L. Harvey

I always enjoy attending the expo at my state chiefs training conference. I go wading through the sea of techno cool stuff. Programs here, gadgets there and the techno-crowd all become giggly. My problem is that it goes without saying; I have not seen a gadget solve, or for that matter arrest, book or pop out a set of handcuffs yet. OK, I know about computer tracking, evidence tracking and all the cool nicky neat gadgets but I sometimes am not the more high tech guy in the crowd.

Training the real software

Maybe I am old school, but the best crime fighting tool or instrument is a well trained police officer. Let’s see, if a good cop is hardware, let’s work on their software end – which would be their training. You cannot expect a machine to work efficiently and to its maximum capacity without being tuned up and having the latest updates. Coppers are no different. If you are a chief or commander of a training unit, my question to you: have you offered real training recently?

Teaching about active shooter strategies and responses can’’t be done in the classroom without physical interaction. That is like building a great engine on the drawing board but never turning the key to fire it up. Cops want interactive and real training. Let me say this even better: real cops crave realistic training. In training circles I have heard the following saying a million times:Top notch equipment with poor training will end in poor results but fair equipment with great training will end in good results. My question is have you trained your staff or lectured them to death?

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