Things to be aware of in a heightened terror alert

With the State Department elevating the terror alert for Americans in Europe, it’s important to remember to pay attention to the subtle details that could alert you to serious danger. compiled a list of things you might want to keep in mind.

Unusual Possessions

  • Specialized training manuals
  • Blueprints and/or building plans
  • Documentation about critical infrastructure points
  • Numerous prepaid calling cards and/or mobile phones
  • Documentation about high-profile sites

VBIED Indicators

  • Vehicle riding low in rear
  • Unusual wires/switches
  • Large boxes, bags or containers
  • Odor of fuel or chemicals evident
  • Parked near critical interest area
  • Observation of smoke from vehicle

Surveillance Indicators

  • Note taking
  • Prolonged loitering
  • Penetration attempts
  • Surreptitious camera use
  • Unusual interest in security

Are there certain things to which you pay specific attention while you’re out on patrol?