Tips for dealing with concealed carry

Ron Avery, a columnist for, recently wrote an informative training article for dealing with areas that have concealed carry laws. Here are some thoughts to share with your personnel when they have to contact citizens who may be carrying concealed:

  • People who have gone through the process of getting a concealed carry permit are, in general, law abiding citizens, not felons.
  • Do not expect them to know the letter of the law or the interpretations of the law in various districts—they will have a general idea what the law states
  • IF THERE IS PROBABLE CAUSE to treat someone who may be carrying a concealed weapon as an armed criminal, by all means do so — however, when you make a contact with a CCW, proning them out wouldn’t be my first option without digging a little deeper

Here are some more thoughts to consider:

Manner of Dress

Concealed carry folks and cops seem to go to the same tailor — generally speaking, most will not look like dirt bags. They are generally conservatives in viewpoint and tend to dress the part. Many are professional people who will be more neatly dressed. They don’t generally have the crotch of their pants at knee height or wear their baseball hat cocked at a ridiculous angle.


Most concealed gun carriers have nothing to hide. They are generally not evasive in their speech or mannerisms. They may be nervous, but they are generally forthright in their dealings with law enforcement. If you ask them if they are carrying a handgun, they will most likely tell you. The law in many areas demands that they tell you upon contact.

Read the full article here.

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  1. Very well written article! Thank you. There are over 6 million of us in the US that legally carry a firearm for personal protection.

    Treat us with the respect we deserve and you will not have a problem.

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