Understanding United States V. Hayes as a law enforcement officer

Officer.com recently posted the fourth article by Officer Randy Rider in an ongoing series that examines police and domestic violence:

In the past three articles we have looked at how easily high profile, everyday people, and our fellow officers have gotten themselves into a domestic violence situation. Of the groups, our profession has the most to lose in a domestic violence situation.

I have been very fortunate to have been married to my wonderful wife for nearly 36 years. I went to work on a Monday in 1974 and we were married on Saturday. This job is all she knows. She has had to put up a lot from me. We have had good times and bad as any couple.

Now let’s say I come home from a hard day at work to find my wife wired for an argument. It develops over an underlying problem that has been there for years and she begins to hit the buttons. I lose control and knock a few holes in the wall, pull out the phone, slap her around a few times, and then put a gun to my head then hers. She calls 911 and a local sheriff’s deputy responds to the call. Somebody is going to jail and it ain’t her right?

After my arrest an internal investigation will kick in by the department. I lose my equipment. The sheriff’s office will seize my guns. I am suspended pending the completion of the IA and a fitness for duty examination. Now I have painted myself into a corner.

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