What’s new in Apple iOS 6 for Emergency Responders?

From D4H.org

Apple iOS 6 for iPhone & iPad launches this week. There’s over 200 new features and enhancements, and it’s a free upgrade for everyone so the [D4H] Crew thought we’d do a run down.

1) Google Maps is Gone, Apple Maps are In
Apple have removed Google Maps from the iPhone, we assume it’ll be available as a standalone app, but when you click on an address or location from now on you’ll get Apple Maps. The big difference is vector rendering (how maps are loaded) – whereas Google has tile-based rendering. This will allow you to zoom in & out much smoother, tilt in 3D, and perform flyovers. You also get turn-by-turn navigation on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad 3. Apparently hi-res 3D flyovers will also be available for metropolitan areas – this is something we’ll keep a close eye on.
Warning: If you regularly look up satellite imagery in Google Maps to get an idea of your operating area, we don’t know what quality Apple Maps will provide yet. Make sure to pre-check your area, especially outside the US to make sure you’re not caught short on a mission. We do know Apple have licenced road network content from a SatNav provider so presumably road content will be top notch but slow to upgrade.

2) Facebook Integration Like Twitter
If your Public Relations officer updates your organization’s Twitter from their iPhone, it’s great for photos and statuses of missions & training, you’ll now be able to do this with the new Facebook Integration also. Unlike using the apps, the integrations allow you to post a photo directly from the camera or location directly from the map.
Warning: You won’t be able to update your team’s ‘Facebook Page’ from what we can see. Unlike Twitter where you can have multiple accounts, and organizations are the same as users, on Facebook you’re only allowed 1 personal account, and organizations have Pages. You’ll still have to use the Facebook Pages app for this.

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