What’s your color?

Your helmet is an important part of your PPE. It protects essential parts of your body – your head, ears and neck. Helmets are also the most visible part of your gear and are offered in a variety of standard colors including yellow, black, white, red, blue, orange and natural. The easier and sooner you can be seen, the safer you are. That’s why some first responders order custom color helmets. But what’s involved in the process of adding custom color? Is it painted on? Will it bubble or chip after heat exposure? Does custom mean any color or only certain additional colors that are available?

To answer these questions and more, we took a first hand look at Lion’s Paul Conway Helmets™ custom color manufacturing process. They use the same process with their custom color helmets as they do with their standard color helmets.

Check out this video demonstrating how they employ Resin Transfer Molding technology. This means there is color pigmentation throughout the shell. If you nick or scratch the helmet, there is no glaring white spot and no touch up paint is required.