What’s the alarm about smoke alarms?

According to a recent article in FireRescue1, Palo Alto has become the second city in California to require the installation of photoelectric smoke detectors in new homes and businesses.

The City Council voted unanimously Monday to mandate the use of the devices, following the lead of Albany. The fire chief of the East Bay city, Marc McGinn, is crusading to phase out the most common type of smoke alarms, known as ionization detectors.

Photoelectric detectors are believed to limit the number of false alarms prompted by such things as smoke from stoves and steam from showers. Some studies have shown they are better than ionization detectors at detecting smoldering fires before they turn deadly.

Palo Alto Mayor Pat Burt said members of the California Fire Chiefs Association had asked the council to delay its decision until the group completed its own study of the detectors.

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