Who’s the most stressed?

From age to sex, marital status, weight, career choice, city of residence, and even hair color, Anneli Rufus reports on 15 stats that indicate who among us has the highest stress levels.

Interestingly enough, firefighters are more than five times as stressed as librarians, janitors, and piano tuners, followed closely by executive, taxi driver and surgeon.

To determine the most and least stressful jobs, researchers crunched numbers pertaining to workplace hazards, machines and tools used, number and severity of quotas and deadlines, and relative degrees of precision, speed, stamina, confinement, competitiveness, visibility, heavy lifting, and risk of death. Firefighting ranked most stressful, followed closely by corporate executive, taxi driver, and surgeon. The least stressful line of work? Musical-instrument repair.

CareerCast.com’s 2010 Jobs Rated Report

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