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Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 2:05 pm

Why MedPro?

The variety of calls fire departments respond to creates the need for specialized personal protective garments. While fire departments are responding to more calls year over year, only 4% of the calls are fire related*.  A key finding in the NFPA study about Fire Loss in the United States During 2015 identifies that medical aid (ambulance, EMS, rescue) represents 64% of fire department responses. To support these calls, there are over 826,000 EMS professionals that annually transport an estimated 28 million people based upon 2011 data.

Many departments are considering application-specific protective ensembles and that includes emergency medical personnel. LION developed the MedPro, certified under NFPA 1999, to meet the demanding needs of today’s EMS professionals. LION’s MedPro EMS coat and pant combination features advanced construction and optional enhancements that ensure on-the-job comfort, safety and mobility. MedPro rescue wear provides protection against flash fires with its Westex® DH fire-resistant, breathable outer shell with a HydroPel Premier finish, as well as against blood, bodily fluids, and water with its CROSSTECH® EMS moisture barrier.

For more information on LION MedPro, click here.

*NFPA Fire Department Profile, 2015

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