Why MedPro?

Fire departments respond to a variety of call types creating the need for specialized personal protective garments. While fire departments are responding to more calls year over year, only 4% of the calls are fire related1. A finding of the NFPA report, Fire Loss in the United States During 2015, was that medical aid (ambulance, EMS, rescue) represented 64% of fire department calls in 2015. During the same year, 60% of fire departments in provided emergency medical services with either basic or advanced life support1. Many departments are considering application-specific protective ensembles; that is, ensembles that meet the differing needs of EMS calls in comparison to fire calls.

LION® developed the MedPro® to meet the demanding needs of today’s EMS professionals. MedPro rescue wear provides protection against flash fires with its Westex® DH fire-resistant, breathable outer shell with a HydroPel Premier finish. The rescue ensemble also offers protection from blood, bodily fluids, and water with its CROSSTECH® EMS moisture barrier. LION’s MedPro meets NFPA 1999 requirements ,features advanced construction and comes with optional enhancements – all of which come together to ensure on-the-job comfort, safety and mobility.

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1. NFPA Fire Department Profile, 2015